Link thing

W0000000 I went back in time so I could have a link post be my first post so hear it is
- www.eyeofthebeholder425.blogspot.com this is one of my best friend's anarchist peace/war blog thingy magig
- www.albinocow.blogspot.com this is albino cows liberal blog
- www.orbitingjunk.blogspot.com this is gossomar's a not so crazy liberals blog
- www.mrandomstuff.blogspot.com this is I think was suppose to be a joint blog between gossamer and albino but albino doesn't post on it
- www.raisethefist.com/index1.htm this is a great anarchist website that's movemental anarcho-synisits (I think that's how you spell it)
- ww.cripplednation.cjb.net this is some of my friend's that made a band I haven't heard em yet none of them can really play stuff so it will probably rock I got payed for this link
- www.funnyjunk.com its funny hence the name funnyjunk
- I hope that's how you spell hence
- I don't wanna post more links right now use google or something.