Legalize Marijuana

Ok Marijuana should be legalized for many reasons hear are some
-No negative side effects
-Stop violence and war
-Medical Marijuana has been in use sense before 5000 BC
-Look at side effects: happiness, hilarity, expanding of space and time, hunger for sweets, speaking of peace and love, etc...
-Medical Marijuana should be legalized right away and conventional might take a little longer but should be done too
-Some reasons why government would want too do it is on
-It's not physically addictive only mentally like a videogame
-If you smoke it in a water vaporiser (or whatever it is) there's no bad stuff in it at all this is stuff that you would get from like smoking a leaf that you find, with this thing there's nothing bad

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Kerry's new campaign

Ok I totally know what Kerry's new campaign should be so he can win. What he has to do is come out with these ads that go like "I'm sorry people I didn't want to do this, but if you guys don't vote for me. The ketchup, it's gone. Yup if you guys want to keep ketchup you gotta vote for me." Then white letters on a black screen saying wile a booming voice says "Vote for John Kerry or he'll take away the ketchup." Then you have Kerry's wife say in a Russian ghetto voice wile wearing like fubu and with an Escalade with ride spinners being her say "mm'mh" then Kerry Says "I'm John Kerry and I approved this message"

I'm serious fuck the purple hearts and health plans. Screw the stem cell research the only issue that really matters is KETCHUP!


Stem Cell research

Heres my position on Stem Cell research. Stem Cell research should be continued but not to help grow back human stuff or things for old people (god damn old people) we should have sex a whole bunch then take all of the stem cells and make new trees and environment and make that a bagillion times so theres a new earth were me some of my friends a lot of hott chix and the animals get to live and you can all die bitches hahahahahahahaha... Yea so contribute to research with funding and if your broke just have sex a lot and if you cant send her to me :)


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Rights among Juniors

JUVINIALS HAVE NO RIGHTS we can't run away you know had that same thing SLAVES parents can put is in juvie just cuz they feel like it i hate this agist america i would talk more but im just too pisseed of

Illegal Immigrants

This might not sound like me but I got an extremely right wing serial killer idea for this you know what for a week all Mexican looking people must have greencard/ID/Passports with them to be showed at all times to anyone who asks or they get cuffed brought to this place any let em lose in this huge forest and we have like 100 hunters with guns and they hunt the Mexicans on Television it would be great and the people that brought in the Mexicans get some cash and points are awarded for kills. It would be called "HUNT THE MEXICANS (next season the fucking Canadians)" yup that's what we should do ooo and the Mexicans get switchblades but the hunters get like huge guns like M16's, miniguns and snipers o and the last 5 Mexicans have a knife fight and the winner is a citizen of America were he/she learns America sux and he/she should go back to there home country!

Gay marriage

Me myself am not gay but I don't see the big deal with gay marriage I mean just back of let them marry. You know what I wanna see what happens when they find out marriage sux then ill laugh. OO or like a...what's that show with Jessica Simpson and nick..O newlyweds yea I wana see a gay newlyweds that would be fucking hilarious! back to the issue I think these Republican assholes don't have a say in what happens and what's up with no anal sex in all those southern states so gays cant even have sex I mean shit wtf is that u homophobes what you don't realize is that were all a little gay when you watch porn do u like a limp small penis no you like a long hard throbbing cock (opps I am a little gay) see so you hypocritical pussys just lay off!

oxymorouns and jokes

You know what bitches you want oxymourons and jokes GOOGLE IT DAMNIT GEEZ go to bored.com or something i dunnno but dont ask me to edit copy edit ost cuz im a busy man (wukk typing on a blog to myself that no one reads) BUSY ok soon ill talk about real stuff but until then tralalalalallalalalalalalalala

Chat thingy maggig

Here is were i say sameting and you guys chat about it (a.k.a i cant think of anything good to wright) ok hereis goes....um.... well elections are coming up whats everyones political views. Me im an anarchist militia man. Most people that come here probaly hate bush but hopfully if one of you likes bush we can argue and that will be funny...maby