Legalize Marijuana

Ok Marijuana should be legalized for many reasons hear are some
-No negative side effects
-Stop violence and war
-Medical Marijuana has been in use sense before 5000 BC
-Look at side effects: happiness, hilarity, expanding of space and time, hunger for sweets, speaking of peace and love, etc...
-Medical Marijuana should be legalized right away and conventional might take a little longer but should be done too
-Some reasons why government would want too do it is on
-It's not physically addictive only mentally like a videogame
-If you smoke it in a water vaporiser (or whatever it is) there's no bad stuff in it at all this is stuff that you would get from like smoking a leaf that you find, with this thing there's nothing bad

For the rest just try it or post more stuff or both


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ya marilize legawana

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Blogger Nightmare said...

no one else cares all you guys care about is this election and shit ya know its not evil to have oppinions on real things too (not saying bush isnt real but majiwana is a big deal) ... um i dunno what im saying but i find it funny how you guys are to pussy cock-sucking homophobic conservitive ass holes thaat you wont say anything even if you dont like it post it people i want to argue post non-liberal shit if you feel that way im not being a facist and oppresing you (not that i called you a cock-sucking homophobic conservitive ass hole for not talking)

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obie i think you of all people would post shit on this

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also go to such places as http://www.hempcar.org/untoldstory/ and www.marijuana.com

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this is obies
In the issue of legalization of Marijuana there is much controversy. There are many views on the subject; both for legalization, stronger penalties, and simply decriminalization. To understand why our country’s laws are shaped how they are, you must look at points from both sides (including foreign policies) that work and don’t.
In the "battle" of Marijuana, there are many advocates who strongly oppose any use of the plant. One of the first, and most important, was Commissioner Harry Jacob Anslinger, born on May 20, 1892. He was also one of the founding fathers who came up with the magnificent idea of alcohol prohibition. Anslinger, and other anti-Marijuana advocates around the wold, fought this "war" using mainly myths and propaganda. The myths that are used today are a little different, but come from the same roots. One of the most often used myths about Marijuana is that it causes crime. People tend to think that Marijuana users are irrational, aggressive and sometimes violent. The fact is that every serious scholar and government commissions examining the relationship between Marijuana and crime have reached the same conclusion: Marijuana does not in any way cause crime. The vast majority of Marijuana users do not commit crimes, other than the crime of possessing marijuana. Among Marijuana users who do commit crimes, Marijuana plays no casual role. According to Cannabis and Cannibinoids by Franjo Grotenhermen, MD and Ethan Russo, MD, almost all-human and animal studies show that Marijuana decreases rather than increases aggression. Another myth commonly used is that Marijuana is up to forty times more potent than in the 60’s and 70’s. The truth is that when today’s youth use Marijuana, they are using the same drug used by youth in the 60’s and 70’s. A small number of low-THC (Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol) samples seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) in the early 1970’s are used to calculate a dramatic increase in potency. However, these samples are not representative of the Marijuana generally available during this era. Potency data from the early 1980’s to the present are more reliable and show no increase in the average THC content in Marijuana. Even if the Marijuana potency were to increase, it would not make the drug more dangerous. Marijuana that varies quite substantially in potency produces similar psychoactive effects. It also means it would take less to get "high", so less would be need to be smoked. And there has never been a recorded THC overdose. The government also pushes forward the belief that Marijuana users are an easy target for police because they are generally non-violent and passive, thereby not a threat when arresting and putting through the justice system. Since the majority of drug arrests are Marijuana related, this keeps numbers up for the police who are "cracking down on crime", while not really endangering themselves in the process. This supports police funding for their equipment, bankrolls lawyers and other court-related people. This also encourages the prison industry to grow and imprison more people (i.e. dangerous Marijuana users who they would like to isolate and disenfranchise through criminal convictions). The government uses Marijuana’s danger to "health" as ammunition, when you can find the most dangerous substance in Marijuana in the legal cigarette, tar. Marijuana legalization would also threaten American industries of serious revenue; not only alcohol and tobacco (for more preferable intoxication), but it would also threaten manufacturing industries, given its potential use as a renewable energy source (replaces some/all fuels). Hemp can also be used for threads, clothing etc and is far more durable, environmentally friendly and could threaten industries such as cotton.
In order to see the truth behind Marijuana prohibition, you must also the pro marijuana activists, such as Larry Sloman and the organization N.O.R.M.L (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws). Many think that legalizing Marijuana would give a much-needed boost to the economy. At a time when non-renewable fossil fuel prices are sky rocketing, we could very much so use cannabis-based fuel and help some of the fear of loosing even more fuel from the "war on terror" America is fighting, not to mention it would be much more environmentally friendly. And much organized crime (over 60 percent) makes large profits from importing Marijuana into the United States. If we were to sell and tax Marijuana we would not only save tax money that goes towards enforcing Marijuana laws and penalties (according to the Star Tribune, over seven million tax dollars in Minnesota alone this year), distinguish organized crime’s Marijuana-based profits, but would also help our enormous deficit. There would be a highly revelent decrease in crimes over Marijuana (from homicide to robbery). Now if that’s not "taking a bite out of crime", I don’t know what is. Marijuana also has many medicinal qualities that many people feel is strongly needed. According to Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts by Lynn Zimmer, Ph.D. and John P. Morgan, M.D., Marijuana has been shown to be effective in reducing nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy, stimulating appetite in AIDS patients, and reducing intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma. There is also appreciable evidence that Marijuana reduces muscle spasticity in-patients with neurological disorders. Many desperate people use Marijuana as a medicine today, despite risk of arrest and imprisonment. Pro-Marijuana activists state that it is their right as an American individual to posses and use this substance without fear of prosecution.
Is our country bringing justice to it’s citizens by "cracking down on drugs" and losing all hope for Marijuana being a useful part of society; or should we loosen the knot and move towards legalization? Hopefully, in the end the people will ultimately decide.
Written by ~OBIE~

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this is nelson
sorry this thing sux it doesn't do cannabis justice at all, I'll change it latter

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Blogger Justin Mark said...

Does anyone need medical marijuana card?

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