Insomnia poem

Hear I lay awake for days on end
No longer can I tell this fact from fiction
Weird is everything time begins to bend
An hour a day when till the next hallucination
I hold an arm she walks away and shuts a door
And she leaves but her arm is on the floor
Unattached to her body is this a dream is that a fairy?
I scream I shout someone says "shhhh this is a library"
What is going on is everything fine?
These bright lights mess with my mind
I feel like I’m being built in a construction line
Like they insert a chip into my brain to stifle my questioning of mankind
The machine wants to turn me into a corporate number
They think that my life is in disarray
To become an American and kill trees for lumber
I say no to the jingoistic ways
I need not assimilate to your standards of living
For I am my self and that is all
I am I man cosmic intelligence and soul searching
Not to conform and take the fall


need some free mp3 sites

I just got an mp3 player and does anyone know any good illegal mp3 places besides kazza (however you spell it)?


another 12 hours killed by drinking tea and eating red suger

well here i am,i don't even know what im saying after the 4 or 5th day of insomnia everything feels like a dream i can no longer tell apart fact from fiction im going more crazy, or maby less, how should I know. I just wonder how people coped with insomnia before the internet and pink floyd. man, well either stuff is a lot wierder or im mildly hallucinating peoples mouths move but i either hear what there saying much later or their talking about some odd form of cosmic intelegence, ounce it was just a matter of clicks , the office thinks im drunk but the fact is im not and when you act as wierd as I do hallucinating something and tripin out doesnt seem all that wierd like ive freaked out becouse i was hold noels arm and she left but i was still holding her arm, unatatched to hear body and i started screaming in the hallways, or mabye i just walked to class i dunno im much better when not at school the lights are much too brightwell mabye im not even typing this someone tell me if this is real or not, but then how do i know im not imagining you telling me... what ever im going to watch fight club


Hemp essay

I just finished writing my first draft of my hemp essay. They said it was great that I did so much extensive research about affects and how to grow it. But I feel at a query becaus I argued on the side of industrialism, on the side of Americanism, on the side of the material that made George bush senior's parachute that saved his life and inenvertanly caused bush to be president (I feel so betrayed T_T) but I chose it anyways so w.e

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