Insomnia poem

Hear I lay awake for days on end
No longer can I tell this fact from fiction
Weird is everything time begins to bend
An hour a day when till the next hallucination
I hold an arm she walks away and shuts a door
And she leaves but her arm is on the floor
Unattached to her body is this a dream is that a fairy?
I scream I shout someone says "shhhh this is a library"
What is going on is everything fine?
These bright lights mess with my mind
I feel like I’m being built in a construction line
Like they insert a chip into my brain to stifle my questioning of mankind
The machine wants to turn me into a corporate number
They think that my life is in disarray
To become an American and kill trees for lumber
I say no to the jingoistic ways
I need not assimilate to your standards of living
For I am my self and that is all
I am I man cosmic intelligence and soul searching
Not to conform and take the fall


Blogger Nightmare said...

it kinda dipped at the end there

11:22 PM  

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