shot in the face with no reason

today i scribe with no real focus or point besides the idea to scribe for the incan monkey od me son of the lion that i was to go to the inner depths of the mind and burst threw the wall of the universe to a demention of pure energy, understanding and inlightenment. then with flowering neon lights around me i decended back onto the cliff of fate. if i were devine i would live if not i would simply fall and butcher myself on the spearlike rocks of satan. as i jumped i thought "if were all just energy i can't rely impact the rocks but merly just move through it was energy" and in this thought i was devine and i passed through and lived and such is the story of my life and why i am still alive and not being riped apart in hell over and over but u mustent bother me about this anymore due to the fact that if you know half the things i do youd proboblly rip your head off due to the insanity so i leave you know hopefully only inlightened and not crazy but if you are going to kill yourself ypu have my apology

-tune in, turn off, and drop out


um doesn't really have a focus so... FUCK THE TITLE!

i have been listening to pink floyd the wall on loop for over 72 hours now and it has now become some odd kind of relly trippy white noise
ummm^that thing^ is sappose to ba trippy rainbow sky thing but it just looks shitty
also i made it when it wasnt bold so it will run onto the next line

anyways... um... o yea
At this design camp i did at the last day were we did final things on these machines that we were building all week and there were these coporate whores who were like taking pictures of us for there like adds and stuff and they made me sign a release waiver and they were trying to get me not to sign it... so i murdered them then dumped liquid nitrogen on there bodies and smashed em up with a hammer until they were a powder


harry potter WTF!

-*DISCLAIMER* Don't read this if you haven't finished the book-

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BITCH J. K. ROWLINGS PROBLEM!? THAT FUCKING COCK-SUCKING MIDGET-RAPING WHORE! SHE FUCKING KILLED DUMBLEDORE! What the fuck is the next book gunna be like ill tell you what, SHITTY AS FUCK DUMBEDOR WAS THE ONLY FUCKING COOL GUY IN THAT SERIES. J.K Rowling if i find you, and belive me i will,i'll fucking rip out your jugulara vein you fucking bitch! May the greatest agony immaginable be bestowedapon you! Allright for those of you who think "meh dumbledores dead whe didnt hear much from him anyways pluse shes a good writer." Let me tell you two words, your wrong (ha fooled you you guys thought id say fuck you...shit i said it gah!) Without dumbledor harry wont go back to hogwarts and it will all be action,WICH Rowling fucking sucks at, seriously you know how they say givin infinite ammount of time monkeys could write all the works of shakspear. (sorry, for some reason all my sybols are messed up so no more question mark½ÄÖ) well a harry potter action secuence, 3 monkeys, five minutes.... fuck this who am i, am i rlly siting on the computer raving to myself about harry potter? how low, ill go turn on some music and kill myself


starting posting again

I am posting again on this blog. Weither this is jst for tonight or i will ounce again feel the urge to convey series of thought and rage threw some website i doubt anyone will read. actually im losing motivation allready this post bores me in my inner most...AH FUCK IT ILL TYPE OLD SKOOL! FUCK THE POLICE FOR IMPRISONING MY BLOOD BROTHER, so much has happened wich the one reader from cambodia will never know. anyways ill prolly be posting along with my rants some trippy poems either that i read and am distinctly compeled to place them on my blog or that i write myself. so.. on with the stuff