shot in the face with no reason

today i scribe with no real focus or point besides the idea to scribe for the incan monkey od me son of the lion that i was to go to the inner depths of the mind and burst threw the wall of the universe to a demention of pure energy, understanding and inlightenment. then with flowering neon lights around me i decended back onto the cliff of fate. if i were devine i would live if not i would simply fall and butcher myself on the spearlike rocks of satan. as i jumped i thought "if were all just energy i can't rely impact the rocks but merly just move through it was energy" and in this thought i was devine and i passed through and lived and such is the story of my life and why i am still alive and not being riped apart in hell over and over but u mustent bother me about this anymore due to the fact that if you know half the things i do youd proboblly rip your head off due to the insanity so i leave you know hopefully only inlightened and not crazy but if you are going to kill yourself ypu have my apology

-tune in, turn off, and drop out


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